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With proven experience - 15 years - in audiovisual media, mastering the creation process from musical composition to integration, we bring to you our expertise and skills in video games soundtrack creation.

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Brutus and Futée

The first video game where we intervened on the music direction, choosing to use only musical instruments for the whole soundtrack, and suggesting other concepts.
The demand was for jazz music, which in turn brought to our mind a jam-session, so we proposed a music following a standard form, and where instruments would make random interventions, staging the simulation of an improvised music.

« Brutus & Futée is an adventure puzzle game in which the player takes on the role of the author of an animated series. Help Brutus and Futée find their way and overcome the obstacles they meet. Draw objects, and paint or erase the setting to assist the two heroes.
Their journey will take them through a variety of different environments, and present them with a host of dangerous situations, from an ancient Incan temple full of mysteries and secrets to the maze in a production studio governed by a rather jittery boss.
With your help, the two heroes will try to rediscover their former glory as famous cartoon stars.