14 rue Imbert Colomes
69001 Lyon  France
tel. (+33)478 235 188
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From musical composition to broadcast-readiness, we currently work on porting new technologies in video games to television - thus bringing the video game makers' expertise to the television of tomorrow.

short film

Plum’s Street II

We produce a mini-series (12 episodes of 1 minute each) inspired by sound and street art. At the crossroads of sound design, musical composition and urban art, it gives life to the sounds of the city, which we hear every day but don’t notice.

Two rules apply to an episode :
1 / All sounds must be recorded where the video was shot
2 / The first 30 seconds are raw sounds, without any effect applied to them, only filters can be used to bring coherence to the mix.

  • Creator/co-director : Alexandre Baranger
  • Editing/co-director : Simon Pierrat
  • Sound creation : Jean Crozat
  • Serie website : PlumstreetSite
  • Editing website : Simon PIERRAT